Acheron Body Armor

Armor Type Body Armor
Manufacturing Tech: 19
Materials: 90
Time: 19
Special Ability None

Acheron Body Armor is a Body Armor in Phoenix Point. Acheron Body Armor is a Synedrion Sniper Body Armor. Body Armor can be used to decrease damage received from enemy attacks. Body Armor can also affect Stats such as: Speed, Perception, Stealth and Accuracy, making them more or less suitable depending on the unit and situation.


Acheron Body Armor Information

Acheron Body Armor is a Synedrion Sniper Body Armor that delivers great stealth and accuracy boosts. It is the highest stealth boosting Body Armor along with Samnu Body Armor and provides the best accuracy upgrade in the Body Armor category along with the Amphion, Samnu and Eidolon Body Armors.

Acheron Body Armor provides our character with the following Stats:

  • Armor: 16
  • Speed: -1
  • Perception: N/A
  • Stealth: +10%
  • Accuracy: +5%
  • Weight: 2

How to obtain Acheron Body Armor

Acheron Body Armor can be found inside crates while doing Missions or as a reward for completing them.

Acheron Body Armor can also be manufactured. The following resources are required to manufacture it:

  • tech_icon_1_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24pxTech: 19
  • material_2_icon_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24pxMaterials: 90
  • time_icon_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24pxTime: 19

You will also need the following Research Projects to manufacture Acheron Body Armor:


Acheron Body Armor Notes & Tips

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