Arthron Autopsy

Project Type Pandoran Research
Bonus Effect
Goliath GL-2
and Goliath GL-2 Magazine

Arthron Autopsy is a Research Project in Phoenix Point. Arthron Autopsy provides new items for manufacturing available. Pandoran Researches provide useful information on Enemies as well as Buffs and Manufacture recipes. Having multiple Research Labs will increase researching speed.


Arthron Autopsy Bonus Effect:

Arthron Autopsy Information

  • Required Time (Using 1 Research Lab): 2d 2h
  • Research Information:
    • Arthrons are among the earliest Pandorans encountered, and they are the most numerous. They have multiple mutations to adapt to different combat roles.
  • Finished Research:
    • Summary: Early mutations of this creature type are associated with the first mist incursion in 2029. The vast populations that were compelled to walk zombie like into the sea under the influence of the mist, have been merged, somehow, with sea creature DNA to create these Frankenstein monsters. Now we are seeing increasing numbers of Arthrons on land. The hypothesis is that land based gestation structures are breeding Arthrons under cover of a new mist outbreak The latest Arthron mutations have little humanity left in them, and they are considerably more dangerous to civilian populations. The longer term danger is that we can expect their "evolution" to continue at a rapid pace.


    • Genetic origins: 25% Arthropod, 15% Human, 60% UnknowFunction: Combat. Sub-human intelligence allows use of melded weapons.

    • Reproduction: Cloned and mutated. Ancillary objective - locate nests.

    • Offensive Mutations: Claw, melded gun, organic grenade launcher, poison spit.

    • Defensive Mutations: Bony carapace, bony shield.

    • Mobility: Agile mutations are known to have high jump ability (max 3m)

    • Weaknesses: Upper arms can easily be disabled. Unable to climb.

Arthron Autopsy Notes and Tips

  • Having multiple Research Labs can drastically reduce the research time required
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