Arthron is the most common type of Pandorans, and the first kind introduced to the player in the tutorial stage. These are biped, humanoid creatures born in Pandoran Nests.
They feature shields, grenade launchers, machine guns and pincers, as well as poison-spitting heads.


Basic, Brute and Shieldbearer Arthrons are melee-only Enemies and carry no Weapons. However they should not be underestimated, specially Shieldbearer Arthrons, which are very dangerous up close. 

Myrmidon and Dragon carry Viral Machine Guns. These cause Viral Damage, in addition to the standard Shred Damage. This means it will deduct the virus value from the affected character's Will Points at the start of each turn.  


All Arthron Pandorans in Phoenix Point


Most basic strain of Arthron Pandorans. Introduced in the Tutorial Mission.

Arthron BruteBrute

There are five types of Brute Arthrons:
Basic, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Champion and Prime.

Arthron GunnerGunner

Most basic strain of Arthron Pandorans to carry weapons. It holds a Machine Gun in its right arm. It has no special mutations.


There are six types of Shieldbearer Arthrons:
Basic, Alpha, Champion 1, Champion 2, Champion 3 and Prime.


There are xis types of Scourge Arthron:
Basic, Alpha, Champion 1, Champion 2, Champion 3 and Prime.

Arthron TyrantTyrant

There are five types of Tyrant Arthrons:
Basic, Alpha, Champion 1, Champion 2 and Prime.


There are three types of Bane Arthrons:
Champion 1, Champion 2 and Prime.


There are four types of Myrmidon Arthrons and two types of Dragon Arthrons:
Myrmidon Champion 1, Myrmidon Champion 2, Myrmidon Champion 3, Myrmidon Prime, Dragon Champion and Dragon Prime.

Arthron UmbraUmbra

Certain Arthrons have the ability of spawning an Umbra upon death. This is a purple, gas-emitter creature with high HP but no armor.

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