Bases in Phoenix Point act as the main hub for players to prepare against the Alien Invasion. Players can have more than one Base and several Facilities can be constructed inside them. Bases are required for Manufacturing, Research Projects and to recruit and train units.

Bases in Phoenix Point

Players will start the game with only 1 base located at a random location. As the game progress, players will be able to explore and find more bases up to a maximum of 8.

The only way to uncover new bases is by exploration. Players will need to use Area Scans to show new locations and then explore them one by one. When a new base is discovered it will automatically be added to your bases.


Bases have different amount of Facility slots on them. They are represented by squares on which you can build your Facilities. Each facility will occupy one slot except for the Vehicle Bay that uses 4 slots, but that comes equipped by default on every base. Some Facilities effects are shared among all bases while others are particular to that base.


  • Power is independent for each base and cannot be transferred to other bases.
  • Facilities will require Power to operate.
  • Power output can be increased by constructing Energy Generator which provides 20 power.
  • Multiple power generators can be build on each base.
  • Facilities can be Powered off, and they will not consume power. This can be used to manage facilities according to necessity and limiting the amount of Power Generators required.


  • Players can increase the amount of Soldiers they can have by building Living Quarters. The unit limit is shared among all bases.
  • Units that are left at base can be used to defend against Enemy attacks.
  • Units require food to be maintained. Food can be produced constructing Food Production facilities. The amount of food is shared among all bases.



  • Manufacture speed is determined by the amount of Fabrication Plants.
  • Fabrication Speed is shared to all Phoenix Bases

Research Projects

  • Research Project speed is determined by the amount of Research Labs.
  • Research Speed granted by Research Labs is shared by all Phoenix Bases.

Containment Facility

  • The amount of Aliens that can be contained is determined by the Containment facilities.
  • Containment space is shared between all Phoenix Bases.


  • The amount of storage for Equipment is determined by the Store facility.
  • You can build multiple Stores to increase the limit.
  • Storage capacity is shared across all Phoenix Bases





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