Vehicle Type Pandoran Flyer
Hit Points

Disruption Points

Berith is a Pandoran Flyer in Phoenix Point. Berith is the middle one of the three Flyers strength-wise. Pandoran Flyers are Enemy air creatures introduced in the Festering Skies DLC. Although they have different weapons each time, the amount equipped is always the same.


Berith Information

Berith is the middle one of three Flyers in terms of damage.

Berith has 750 Hit Points, and carries 4 Weapons.
These can be of the following types:

  • Visual Guidance Weapons
  • Heat Guidance Weapons
  • Psychic Guidance Weapons
  • Radar Guidance Weapons

Pandoran Flyers do not carry any Modules.

Fighting Berith

Combat duels against Pandoran Flyers take place in quick mini-games above Heavens, POIs and Phoenix Bases.
 Berith yields 2 Behemoth Disruption Points
These are later used to combat Behemoth, a massive new Enemy creature introduced in the Festering Skies DLC.

Berith Notes & Tips

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