Chirons are a large and powerful type of Pandorans. Chirons are in the same tier as Siren Pandorans, being a step over Arthrons and Tritons. They are very large Enemies that take 9 tiles, filling the role of Vehicles. Their crab-like legs provide agility and shock capabilities, while their torso mutations are their main offensive resource.


Chirons have very dangerous abdomen mutations that allow them to launch fire, acid or poison Worms as well as acid, plasma and goo bombs.

Although being intimidating due to their size and torso and legs mutations, Chirons have their head exposed and unarmored, being these their weakest points.


All Chiron Pandorans in Phoenix Point



There are six types of Worm Chirons:
Agni, Fuji, Aplu, Nergal, Robigus and Phthsis


There are two types of Goo Chirons:
Ningal Chiron and Phasis Chiron

chiron_blast_acid_enemies_phoenixpoint_wiki_guide_200pxAcid and Blast

There are three types of Blast Chirons and two types of Acid Chirons:
Perses Blast, Asteria Blast, Smaragdus Blast, Basilisk Acid and Typhon Acid Chirons.


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