Crossbows are a type of Weapon in Phoenix PointCrossbows can be used to deal moderate damage at medium distance and are best suited for Infiltrators. They fire one bullet per shot at medium distances and have a limited clip size. Below you will find detailed information on all Crossbows in Phoenix Point.

Infiltrators are proficient with Crossbows making them a good choice for these weapons.





Crossbows in Phoenix Point

Name Damage Extra Effect Burst / Single Shot Effective Range Action Points Ammo Capacity Hands to Use Weight


Synedrion Crossbow

60   34 1 3 2 3

Psyche CRB IV
Synedrion Poison Crossbow

50  40 Poison 34   1  3  2  3

Crystal Crossbow
Ancient tech silent crossbow

60 40 Piercing 1 41 1 2 3



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