DLC or Downloadable Content for Phoenix Point. DLC can be a pre-order bonus, a paid addition to the base game such as an expansion, or free rewards obtained during events or publisher giveaways.


Phoenix Point DLC

Season Pass

  • Season Pass includes five DLCs that expand and enhance the core Phoenix Point experience, including cybernetics, interceptors, a dive into the secret history of Phoenix Point, and much more. It's scheduled to be released throughout 2020.
  • Includes:
    • DLC 1: Blood and Titanium
    • DLC 2: Legacy of the Ancients
    • DLC 3: Festering Skies
    • DLC 4: Corrupted Horizons (October 1st)
    • DLC 5: ???

DLC 1: Blood and Titanium

  • Expand the power and versatility of Phoenix Point operatives with cybernetic augmentations. Unlock new abilities for your soldiers, new research projects, and new approaches to tactical combat. But beware: enemies will bring cybernetics to bear against your team, too.

DLC 2: Legacy of the Ancients

  • Discover an ancient human civilization facing down its own mutant threat, and harness their knowledge and tools in service of the Phoenix Project. New units, new mission types, new research, new maps, new weapons and armor, and a brutal challenge.


DLC 3: Festering Skies

  • The skies darken with alien vessels, and Phoenix Point must rise to the challenge. An all-new interception mode, inspired by the original X-COM, lets players build and upgrade their own aircraft, fight aliens in the skies, and harvest tech from downed alien vessels. Festering Skies boasts an entirely new play style, new mission types, new vehicles, and much more.

DLC 4: Corrupted Horizons

  • Releases: October 1st
  • A new deadly strain of the Pandoravirus appears that saps the will from every being it touches! This is a deadly threat to Phoenix, but can they make use of it against the Pandorans, as well? New enemies, a new soldier type, and new campaign missions.

DLC 5: ???

  • No information about this DLC has been disclosed yet.


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    • Anonymous

      Don't know why they are making a dlc about space warfare (it would make sense if it was about xcom aliens from space an all) but since this is about creatures coming from the ocean, wouldn't it make more sense for sea warfare like gunboats all the way to battleships?

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