Eggs are a type of Pandoran in Phoenix Point. Eggs are reproductive bodies containing unborn creatures, either Mindfraggers or Worms. Stimulation by shooting them or passing close by will make them spawn the creature contained inside.

There are two types of Eggs in Phoenix Point, Mindfragger Eggs and Worm Eggs.
However, Worms can either be Poison, Acid or Fire Worms, therefore making it 4 different variants of Eggs.

Any damage caused to Eggs will not translate to the creature once it is born.



All Eggs in Phoenix Point 


Mindfragger EggsMindfragger Egg

Releases Mindfraggers when attacked or approached by an enemy.


Worm EggsWorm Egg

There are three types of Worm Eggs:
Poison, Acid and Fire Eggs.



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