Enemies in Phoenix Point are hostile units that the player encounters during the game. The main Enemies in Phoenix Point are the Pandorans, crab-like humanoid creatures product of the Pandoravirus mutations. However, Pandorans are not the only Enemies, as Factions can also become hostile depending on the relationship the player establishes with them.



Pandorans are the product of the Pandoravirus, an alien virus unleashed from molten arctic permafrost that forever changed mankind.
They are mutants that have sea-creature features, looking like a combination of crab and humanoids in diverse degrees of mutation.
These are mostly amphibious creatures but there are also hovering mutants called Pandoran Flyers.

Pandorans are divided in several species, each containing multiple strains. Listed below are the different possible strains in each species.




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These biped creatures are the most common type of Pandoran, and the first kind introduced to the player in the tutorial stage. They feature shields, grenade launchers, machine guns and pincers, as well as poison-spitting heads. They are produced by Pandoran Nests.


Most basic strain of Arthron Pandorans. Introduced in the Tutorial Mission.

Arthron BruteBrute

There are five types of Brute Arthrons:
Basic, Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Champion and Prime.

Arthron GunnerGunner

Most basic strain of Arthron Pandorans to carry weapons. It holds a Machine Gun in its right arm. It has no special mutations.


There are six types of Shieldbearer Arthrons:
Basic, Alpha, Champion 1, Champion 2, Champion 3 and Prime.


There are xis types of Scourge Arthron:
Basic, Alpha, Champion 1, Champion 2, Champion 3 and Prime.

Arthron TyrantTyrant

There are five types of Tyrant Arthrons:
Basic, Alpha, Champion 1, Champion 2 and Prime.


There are three types of Bane Arthrons:
Champion 1, Champion 2 and Prime.


There are four types of Myrmidon Arthrons and two types of Dragon Arthrons:
Myrmidon Champion 1, Myrmidon Champion 2, Myrmidon Champion 3, Myrmidon Prime, Dragon Champion and Dragon Prime.

Arthron UmbraUmbra

Certain Arthrons have the ability of spawning an Umbra upon death. This is a purple, gas-emitter creature with high HP but no armor.





Tritons are two-legged mutant creatures with four arms. These Pandorans use these four arms to hold human-made weapons such as rifles and shotguns, and still maintain their agility and melee offense. Tritons feature specialized mutations that make them sneaky and hard to track down. They have abilities like concealing themselves in a mist cloud, turning invisible or having an augmented perception. They are produced by Pandoran Nests.


Augmented perception and regenereting healt mutations. It has a bloodsucking arm.


Silent, mist-emitting creature that carries a Uadar Hand Gun.


There are two types of Poacher Tritons:
Base Poacher and Alpha Poacher.


There are two types of Thug Tritons:
Base Thug and Alpha Thug.


There are three types of Hitman Tritons and two types of Marksman Tritons:
Base Hitman, Hitman Alpha 1, Hitman Alpha 2, Base Marksman and Marksman Alpha


There are two types of Footpad Tritons and two types of Maniac Tritons:
Base Footpad, Footbad Alpha, Base Maniac and Maniac Alpha.


There are two types of Ghoul Tritons and two types of Ghost Tritons:
Base Ghoul, Ghoul Alpha, Base Ghost and Chost Alpha




Chirions are big four-legged creatures with specially mutated abdomens that grant them abilities like blasting worms, goo, or acid. These big mutants occupy 9 tiles, and are the equivalent to human vehicles, as they have a high HP value and are capable of launching diverse devastating projectiles. They are produced by Pandoran Lairs.


There are six types of Worm Chirons:
Agni, Fuji, Aplu, Nergal, Robigus and Phthsis


There are two types of Goo Chirons:
Ningal Chiron and Phasis Chiron

chiron_blast_acid_enemies_phoenixpoint_wiki_guide_200pxAcid and Blast

There are three types of Blast Chirons and two types of Acid Chirons:
Perses Blast, Asteria Blast, Smaragdus Blast, Basilisk Acid and Typhon Acid Chirons.



Scylla Pandorans are guardians of the Pandoran Citadels. They have a substancial HP level and are very dangerous due to their devastating abilities. These creatures are able to spit poisonous goo, spawn Mindfraggers and leap to a specific location destroying everything in its path. Killing or capturing one of these mutants destroys/devolves their guarded Pandoran Citadel.


There are ten types of Scyllas:
Xenagos, Nocturna, Tenebris, Thyreos, Hegemon, Tyrant, Imperator, Tetrarch, Regina and Smaragdus.



Sirens are snake-like creatures with mind control capabilities. They have blades for arms and acid-spitting chests. Their head gives them the possibility to mind control other enemies to help them or hinder the player by reducing their Will Power.


There are five types of Sirens:
Instigator, Harbinger, Banshee, Hellion and Armis.


Sentinels are fixed creatures that defend the Pandoran Colonies. They are to be destroyed in order to wipe a Lair Colony clean. They attack when stimulated by a soldier, either by attacking them or getting close.

mist_sentinelMist Sentinel

Mist Sentinel can be found in Lair Colonies and on Scavenging Sites. It can spawn a mist around itslef.

hatching_sentinelHatching Sentinel

Hatching Sentinel are the Nest Colonies' structure. It has the ability to hatch all nearby Worm/Mindfragger Eggs.

terror_sentinelTerror Sentinel

Terror Sentinel are living, high-level HP creatures capable of unleashing a Psychic Scream to reduce the Will Points of near-by soldiers.




Eggs are reproductive bodies containing unborn creatures. These are either Mindfraggers or Worms. Stimulation by shooting them or passing close by will make them spawn the creature contained inside.

Mindfragger EggsMindfragger Egg

Releases Mindfraggers when attacked or approached by an enemy.


Worm EggsWorm Egg

There are three types of Worm Eggs:
Poison, Acid and Fire Eggs.




Mind-controlling creatures that attach to soldiers' heads.

Mindfraggers are small creatures that have the ability to mind-control soldiers who are nearby by attaching to their heads. They are easy to kill and without any other remarkable attack or ability.


Static creatures that must be destroyed in order to wipe Pandoran Lairs out.

Spawnery are harmless creatures with high HP. Equivalent to Hatching Sentinels in Pandoran Nests.


Small creatures with low HP. Their offense is based on exploding.

There are three types of Worms:
Fire, Poison and Acid Worms.


Fly-esque creatures with the ability to fly-through up to 20 tiles. They explode upon death.

There are three types of Myrmidons:
Basic, Poisonous and Acid Myrmidons.



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