Mist Sentinel

Project Type Pandoran Research
Bonus Effect provides the player increase damage inflicted on Mist Sentinel enemies

Mist Sentinel is a Research Project in Phoenix Point. Mist Sentinel provides the player increase damage inflicted on Mist Sentinel enemies by 15%. Pandoran Researches provide useful information on Enemies as well as Buffs and Manufacture recipes. Having multiple Research Labs will increase researching speed.


Mist Sentinel Bonus Effect:

  • Damage inflicted on Mist Sentinels is increased by 15% increased.

Mist Sentinel Information

  • Required Time (Using 1 Research Lab): 1d 1h
  • Research Information:
    • The specimen appears to be fungal in origin. Although lacking obvious protective elements. it is capable of emitting an viral airborne mist when emitting an viral airborne mist when provoked.
  • Finished Research:
    • The Mist Sentinel is an enigmatic phenomenon, an immobile fungoid structure hosting mutated symbiotes. It produces a complex aerosol with hundreds of different types of microbes, which is basically a concentrated version of the mist coming from the sea. It seems to have a defensive role, with proximity of hostile organisms triggering a release of mist in a local area. We see them "growing" across the land, promoting the transformation of flora and fauna, for what purpose we do not know.

Mist Sentinel Notes and Tips

  • Having multiple Research Labs can drastically reduce the research time required
  • Note 2




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