PDWs are a type of Weapon in Phoenix PointPDWs deal low damage but require few Action Points allowing them to fire multiple times per turn. They are medium clip size and can attack at a limited range. Below you will find detailed information on all PDWs in Phoenix Point.

Technicians are proficient with PDWs making them a good choice.





PDWs in Phoenix Point

Name Damage Extra Effect Burst / Single Shot Effective Range Action Points Ammo Capacity Hands to Use Weight

vdm defender icon tr
VDM Defender
New Jericho Gauss PDW

 30 1 Shred 4 16   40

vdm enforcer icon tr
VDM Enforcer
New Jericho Piercing PDW

20  20 Piercing  19  1 40   2

gorgon eye a icon tr
Gorgon Eye-A
Phoenix Laser PDW

40   4 20 1 48 2 2



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