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Phoenix Point’s combat is nearly identical to Firaxis’s XCOM, so those who are familiar with the XCOM games (XCOM Enemy Within and XCOM 2) will feel right at home with this title. The game is still turn-based, every action has its own cost, cover is still a thing, you can still use Overwatch, the enemy phase is still called “Alien Activity”, and you shoot to kill enemies. However, there are some key difference that make Phoenix Point potentially a more unique or even, a more enjoyable experience than XCOM.

About Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point is a Turn-based Strategy game developed and published by Snapshot Games. Intended to be the spiritual successor of the original XCOM series, players will have to fight an Alien invasion by building a base and commanding soldiers in missions and battles.

Set in 2047, 25 years after an Alien virus was released as a consequence of the defrost of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, players will play as the leader of one of many Phoenix Project cells, a secret organization created to be deployed as a countermeasure to any event that would put humanity in danger.

Phoenix Point Gameplay

Phoenix Point’s gameplay is very similar to that of XCOM games, incorporating new and enhanced features such as first person aim while shooting with your soldiers, bullet tracking and more. Gameplay is divided into two core aspects:

Turn-Based Combat: Deploy you combat team and manage their actions by spending Action Points. Analyze the battlefield and use the environment defeat the enemy forces or complete objectives.

Base Building: Players will be able to expand their base and create new facilities to overcome the Alien invasion. By creating facilities and researching new technologies, players will get access to Weapons, Armors, Items, Vehicles and more.

Phoenix Point Release

Take command of your units and save the planet from the Alien invasion:

Release Date: December 3, 2019 for PC with planned launches for Xbox One in Q1 2020 and PS4 later in 2020.
Developer: Snapshot Games
Publisher: Snapshot Games
Platforms: PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One





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