Shotguns are a type of Weapon in Phoenix Point. Shotguns excel at close distance dealing very high damage. They fire multiple bullets per shot, dealing very high damage to close targets, but they become very unreliable at medium or long distances. Below you will find detailed information on all Shotguns in Phoenix Point.

Assault Units are proficient with Shotguns making them a good choice for these weapons.




Shotguns in Phoenix Point

Name Damage Extra Effect Burst / Single Shot Effective Range Action Points Ammo Capacity Hands to Use Weight

Mercy SG3

Phoenix Shotgun

35 - 8 8 2 48 2 3



Disciples of Anu Shotgun

 35 - 10 6 2 50 2 3



Disciples of Anu Shredding Shotgun

35 8 Shred  8  2  40


Shard Gun
Ancient tech shotgun


15 Piercing

15 13   2 ∞ 



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