Triton Autopsy

Project Type Pandoran Research
Bonus Effect mercy_sg3_1_icon_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_64px
Mercy SG3
and Mercy SG3 Magazine

Triton Autopsy is a Research Project in Phoenix Point. Triton Autopsy provides new items for manufacturing available. Pandoran Researches provide useful information on Enemies as well as Buffs and Manufacture recipes. Having multiple Research Labs will increase researching speed.


Triton Autopsy Bonus Effect:

  • New items for manufacturing available: Mercy SG3 and Mercy SG3 Magazine

Triton Autopsy Information

  • Required Time (Using 1 Research Lab): 2d 2h
  • Research Information:
    • Specimen: TRITON Humanoid in basic form, Tritons have unusual secondary ‘arms’ and some unusually specialised mutations.
  • Finished Research:
    • Summary: Early versions of this mutation were identified on video streams in 2027, and seen in greater numbers during the second mist of 2040. The current specimens have evolved to the extent that they are intelligent enough to use human equipment. In addition to human-like arms they have secondary appendages with varied and specialised functions. Other body parts also reveal extraordinary variations and adaptations. We are seeing increasing numbers of these creatures, often deployed alongside Arthrons. Given their more land-based adaptation we can infer that they are being gestated in land based structures within the bounds of the new mist outbreak.

    • Genetic origins: 12% myctophids, 8% other deep sea fish. 22% human, 58% Unknown.

    • Function: Sufficient intelligence to use a variety of human weapons in sniper or assault roles, plus various stealth capabilities.

    • Offensive mutations: Good night vision and perception. Primary arms - dextrous enough for using rifles or handguns, Secondary arms with

    • Defensive mutations: Mist emission. Chameleon-like evasion in response to attack. Rapid regeneration.

    • Mobility: Agile variant has high jump capability.

    • Weakness: The Triton's thick skin provides less protection than the Arthrons chitin plating Arthrons chitin plating

Triton Autopsy Notes and Tips

  • Having multiple Research Labs can drastically reduce the research time required
  • Note 2




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