Anvil-2 Body Armor

Armor Type Body Armor
Manufacturing Tech: 37
Materials: 300
Time: 50
Special Ability Jet Jump and Mounted Launchers

Anvil-2 Body Armor is a Body Armor in Phoenix Point. Anvil-2 Body Armor is a New Jericho Heavy Body Armor. Body Armor can be used to decrease damage received from enemy attacks. Body Armor can also affect Stats such as: Speed, Perception, Stealth and Accuracy, making them more or less suitable depending on the unit and situation.


Anvil-2 Body Armor Information

Anvil-2 Body Armor is a New Jericho Heavy Body Armor that delivers a great amount of protection. It is the highest protection-boosting Body Armor together with Samnu Body Armor. On top of this, the Anvil-2 Body Armor counts with built-in jets on its back that allows the player to Jet-Jump and the ability to use Mounted Launchers.

Anvil-2 Body Armor provides our character with the following Stats:

  • Armor: 40
  • Speed: -1
  • Perception: N/A
  • Stealth: -20%
  • Accuracy: -8%
  • Weight: 4

How to obtain Anvil-2 Body Armor

Anvil-2 Body Armor can be found inside crates while doing Missions or as a reward for completing them.

Anvil-2 Body Armor can also be manufactured. The following resources are required to manufacture it:

  • tech_icon_1_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24pxTech: 37
  • material_2_icon_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24pxMaterials: 300
  • time_icon_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24pxTime: 50

You will also need the following Research Projects to manufacture Anvil-2 Body Armor:


Anvil-2 Body Armor Notes & Tips

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