Classes for Phoenix Point refers to the different type of classes a unit can be. There are 7 different Classes in Phoenix Point and each of them have unique Skills and attributes. The current available classes are: Heavy, Sniper, Assault, TechnicianBerserker, Priest and Infiltrator. Below you will find detailed information on each class and all of their Skills.

Having a balanced Squad will greatly increase its effectiveness in combat.

Upon reaching Level 4 units will get the option to acquire an additional class. This immediately unlocks the weapon proficiencies for that class and the class abilities can be unlocked with skill points.


Classes in Phoenix Point


Heavy units are proficient with Heavy Weapons, Mounted Weapons and Jet Packs. They have high HP and act as front line tanks


Snipers are Proficient with Sniper Rifles and Handguns. They can deal high damage from very long distances and are useful to dispatch weak or support units.


Assault units are proficient with assault rifles and shotguns. They are very mobile and can be used to quickly flank enemies or take strategic positions.



Technicians are proficient with PDWs, robotic arms, and turret deployment. They act as support units on the battlefield.


Berserkers units are proficient with Melee Weapons and Handguns. They are very mobile and are very good at taking enemies in melee action.


 Priest units are proficient with Viral Weapons. They are support units that can apply debuffs on enemy units from a distance. They heavily rely on Will Points to perform their Skills.



 Infiltrator units are proficient with Crossbows and Spider Drone deployment. They are very good scout units as they have a base stealth factor at the beginning. They are good for attacking enemies from behind and dealing high damage.


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