Proficient with Assault Rifles and Shotguns

Assault is a Class in Phoenix Point. Assaults are Proficient with Assault Rifles and Shotguns. They are very mobile and can be used to quickly flank enemies or take strategic positions.


Assault Class Skills


Lvl Name Description SP Cost
1 Assault Training Proficiency with Assault Rifles and Shotguns. 0
2 Dash Move to a target position within 75% of the normal movement range.  10
3 Return Fire

Shoot back at an enemy when it attacks, provided the soldier is using a direct-fire projectile weapon with proficiency, and the enemy is within half perception range.

4 New Class Choose a secondary class to train in.  50
5 Ready For Action Reloading and inventory actions do not cost an Action Points  20
6 Rally the Troops Each ally recovers 1 Action Point. Limited one use per turn.  25
7 Rapid Clearance Recover 2 Action Points for each enemy killed, until end of the turn  30


Assault Recruitment

  • Assault units can be recruited at friendly Outpost that are equipped with a Haven Training Facility.
  • Units shown in recruitment centers are random and you may need to visit many of them to find this specific class.


Assault Notes

  • Notes 1
  • Notes 2



Berserker  ♦  Heavy  ♦  Infiltrator  ♦  Priest  ♦  Sniper  ♦  Technician


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