Proficient with Sniper Rifles and Handguns

Sniper is a Class in Phoenix Point. Snipers are Proficient with Sniper Rifles and Handguns. They can deal high damage from very long distance and are useful to dispatch weak or support units.


Sniper Class Skills


Lvl Name Description SP Cost
1 Sniper Training Proficiency with Sniper Rifles and Handguns 0
2 Extreme Focus Overwatch cost is reduced by 1 Action Point.  10
3 Quick Aim The Action Point cost of the next shot with a proficient weapon is reduced by 1.  15
4 New Class Choose a secondary class to train in.  50
5 Master Marksman Accuracy with proficient weapon is increased by 30% while there are no spotted enemies within 10 tiles  20
6 Weak Spot Disabling a body part also removes that body part's armor  25
7 Mark For Death Mark enemy target. Until end of the turn all damage to that target is increased by 50%.  30


Sniper Recruitment

  • Sniper units can be recruited at friendly Outpost that are equipped with a Haven Training Facility.
  • Units shown in recruitment centers are random and you may need to visit many of them to find this specific class.


Sniper Notes

  • Notes 1
  • Notes 2



Assault  ♦  Berserker  ♦  Heavy  ♦  Infiltrator  ♦  Priest  ♦  Technician


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