Melee Weapons are a type of Weapon in Phoenix Point. Melee Weapons deal high damage but require to be adjacent to the target to be used. Melee attacks will always hit their target, making it a good choice  to secure kills. They can also be used as a secondary weapon for when enemies get close and provide with additional melee damage. Below you will find detailed information on all Melee Weapons in Phoenix Point.

Berserker Units are proficient with Melee Weapons making them a good choice for these weapons.




Melee Weapons in Phoenix Point

Name Damage Extra Effect Strikes Effective Range Action Points Hands to Use Weight

Marduk's Fist
Disciples of Anu War Hammer

160  200 Shock   1 1  2

Dragon's Tooth
Disciples of Anu Blade

140  50 Bleed   1  1  2

Scion of Sharur
Disciples of Anu Mace


50 Piercing

6 Virus 

 1  2  1  2

Phoenix Paralyzing Melee Weapon


40 Piercing

8 Paralysis 

 1  1  1

Phoenix Shock Lance
Phoenix Shock Melee Weapon

 160 600 Shock   2

Mattock of The Ancients
Ancient Tech one-handed Melee Weapon

 220 400 Shock   2  5

Ancient Tech two-handed Melee Weapon

300   30 Shred  1  1  2



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    • Anonymous

      13 Dec 2019 06:42  

      Note: posted close to launch, may change. Since marduk's fist has 140 damage (AND 200 shock) theres unfortunately no reason to research or use scion of sharur. Just use the more basic marduk hammer instead, since 140 - 50 armor is still 90, which is more than 80 damage bypassing up to 50 armor. No idea what devs were thinking here. Must have been overlooked.

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