Strangler Triton

Pandoran Species Triton
Weapons None
Ability Regeneration Torso

Strangler Triton is a Triton Pandoran in Phoenix Point. Strangler Triton is a biped, humanoid creature and the most basic strain of Triton Pandorans. Triton are the Pandoran's support class, sneaky and in the same tier as Arthrons.

Strangler Triton Information

Strangler Triton is a creature with augmented perception and healing capabilities.

Strangler Triton has the following Stats:

  • Hit Points: 180
  • Will Points: 20
  • Movement: 24
  • Accuracy: +10%
  • Perception: 60
  • Stealth: 0

Strangler Triton Specifics

  • Strangler Triton has a Sensor Head with 40 Hit Points and 10 armor.
  • Each bottom Arm has 60 Hit Points and 10 armor. 
  • Its Upper Arms have 50 Hit Points and 10 armor. They are Bloodsucking Arms, meaning they attack in close combat to drain the blood of its enemies and heal its wounds.
  • Each Leg has 30 Hit Points and 10 armor.
  • Strangler Triton also has a Regeneration Torso with 80 Hit Points and 20 armor. This means This means it restores 10 HP to all body parts each turn.


Strangler Triton Notes & Tips

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