Tritons are a common type of Pandorans. Tritons are in the same tier as Arthrons, although they serve more of a support role in combat. Tritons feature specialized mutations that make them sneaky and hard to track down. They have abilities like concealing themselves in a mist cloud, turning invisible or having an augmented perception.


Tritons are two-legged mutant creatures with four arms. These Pandorans use these four arms to hold human-made weapons such as rifles and shotguns, and still maintain their agility and melee offense.

All Triton Pandorans feature either a Sensor Head, or a Silent Echo Head. The former being an perception-booster mutation, while the latter makes all weapon attacks silent.


All Triton Pandorans in Phoenix Point



Augmented perception and regenereting healt mutations. It has a bloodsucking arm.


Silent, mist-emitting creature that carries a Uadar Hand Gun.


There are two types of Poacher Tritons:
Base Poacher and Alpha Poacher.


There are two types of Thug Tritons:
Base Thug and Alpha Thug.


There are three types of Hitman Tritons and two types of Marksman Tritons:
Base Hitman, Hitman Alpha 1, Hitman Alpha 2, Base Marksman and Marksman Alpha


There are two types of Footpad Tritons and two types of Maniac Tritons:
Base Footpad, Footbad Alpha, Base Maniac and Maniac Alpha.


There are two types of Ghoul Tritons and two types of Ghost Tritons:
Base Ghoul, Ghoul Alpha, Base Ghost and Chost Alpha


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