Pandoran Species Triton
Weapons Udar Hand Gun
Ability Chameleon, Mist Emmiter and Silent Echo Head

Wretch is a Triton Pandoran in Phoenix Point. Wretch is a stealth combat Triton. Triton are the Pandoran's support class, sneaky and in the same tier as Arthrons.

Wretch Information

Wretch is a stealthy Triton that has the ability of making its Udar Hand Gun silent when attacking due to its Silent Echo Head as well as camouflaging when dealt damage.

Wretch has the following Stats:

  • Hit Points: 190
  • Will Points: 18
  • Movement: 29
  • Accuracy: 0
  • Perception: 30
  • Stealth: +35%

Wretch Specifics

  • Wretch has a Silent Echo Head with 40 Hit Points and 10 armor.
  • Its Left Arm has 40 Hit Points and 10 armor.
  • Its Right Arm has 30 Hit Points and 10 armor. Wretch Triton wields a Udar Hand Gun in its right arm.
  • Each Leg has 50 Hit Points and 10 armor.
  • Wretch also has a Pain Chameleon Torso with 60 Hit Points and 20 armor. This means It has the ability to camouflage and hide nearby when dealt damage.


Wretch Notes & Tips

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