Poacher Triton

Pandoran Species Triton
Weapons Hera NP-1, Athena NS-2, Paralyzing Arm
Ability Augmented Perception and Chameleon

Poacher Triton is an Triton Enemy in Phoenix Point. Poacher is an agile and perceptive creature. Tritons are the Pandoran's support class, sneaky and in the same tier as Arthrons.

Poacher Triton Information

  • Poacher is a Triton with augmented perception that not only carries weapons, but also has melee capabilities due to its paralyzing arm. On top of this, it has the ability to camouflage when shot.
  • Poacher Triton can be found in 2 different variations.

  • Each Poacher variation features different Stats:


Hit Points

Will Points





Base Poacher

180 21 29 +10% 60 +15%

Poacher Alpha

370 33 26 +15% 60 +29%


Poacher Triton Body Parts & Mutations

  • Each variation of Poacher Triton may feature different Body Parts:



Left Arm


Right Arm

Upper Arms

Legs (each)

Base Poacher

Sensor Head
HP: 40  Armor: 10
HP: 40  Armor: 10
Pain Chameleon Torso
HP: 60  Armor: 20
Hera NP-1
HP: 30  Armor: 10
Paralyzing Arm
HP: 30  Armor: 10
Agile Legs
HP: 30  Armor: 10

Poacher Alpha

Evolved Sensor Head
HP: 60  Armor: 20
HP: 45  Armor: 20
Pain Chameleon Torso
HP: 90  Armor: 30
Athena NS-2 and Hera NP-1
HP: 60  Armor: 20
Evolved Paralyzing Arm
HP: 60  Armor: 20
Agile Legs
HP: 45  Armor: 20


Poacher Triton Abilities

  • Poacher has Augmented Perception and Chameleon ability, meaning it has double the perception and it becomes invisible and hides nearby when dealt damage.


Poacher Combat Information

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Poacher Notes & Tips

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