Fireworm Autopsy

Project Type Pandoran Research
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Fireworm Autopsy is a Research Project in Phoenix Point. Fireworm Autopsy provides material_2_icon_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24px100. Pandoran Researches provide useful information on Enemies as well as Buffs and Manufacture recipes. Having multiple Research Labs will increase researching speed.


Fireworm Autopsy Bonus Effect:

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Fireworm Autopsy Information

  • Required Time (Using 1 Research Lab): 1d 1h
  • Research Information:
    • The Fireworm appears to be a mobile incendiary bomb with a singular purpose.
  • Finished Research:
    • Summary: The fireworm contains multiple chambers of various chemicals, which are mixed on detection of an enemy to cause a large incendiary explosion. The creature kills itself in the process.

    • Genetic origins: 28% Annelid, 72% Unknown

    • Function: To inflict as much damage through an incendiary explosion. Possibly a defensive mutation for Pandoran nests, but has been seen in offensive roles.

    • Mechanism: The powerful incendiary chemical mixture is combined via several internal chambers.

    • Mobility: Suprisingly agile, with limited high jump capability. 

    • Strength: Immune to fire

    • Weakness: Relatively easy to kill - vulnerable to explosives.

Fireworm Autopsy Notes and Tips

  • Having multiple Research Labs can drastically reduce the research time required
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