Mindfragger Autopsy

Project Type Pandoran Research
Bonus Effect material_2_icon_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24px150

Mindfragger Autopsy is a Research Project in Phoenix Point. Mindfragger Autopsy provides material_2_icon_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24px150. Pandoran Researches provide useful information on Enemies as well as Buffs and Manufacture recipes. Having multiple Research Labs will increase researching speed.


Mindfragger Autopsy Bonus Effect:

  • material_2_icon_phoenix_point_wiki_guide_24px150

Mindfragger Autopsy Information

  • Required Time (Using 1 Research Lab): 2d 2h
  • Research Information:
    • These small, agile beasts have one function - Taking control of people.
  • Finished Research:
    • Summary: Mindfraggers are a bio-weapon designed to control, and possibly abduct human subjects. The creature's head detaches from the body during an attack, becoming permanently linked to its host. Fortunately, killing the attached creature will removed it safely, restoring the victim to a normal state of mind.

    • Genetic origins: 22% Arthropoid, 3% Human. 75% Unknown

    • Function: Mind control (the precise mechanism of control is unknown)

    • Reproduction: Eggs (from hatcheries in Pandoran colonies)

    • Mobility: Very fast - but unable to climb or jump high. Take the high ground.

    • Weakness: Easy to kill - very vulnerable to explosives. Once attached - dispatch it with a single shot weapon in order to minimise damage to victim.

Mindfragger Autopsy Notes and Tips

  • Having multiple Research Labs can drastically reduce the research time required
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